i spy kids' CULTURE


Through a culturally diverse lens, I Spy Kids' Culture focuses on mental health counseling and social and emotional issues experienced by children through the pages of a book. Through this approach, I Spy Kids' Culture hopes to increase the child's social and emotional well-being, along with being a conversation starter and to promote ongoing conversation between family and child and the community. 


Crystal S. Dorsey

Crystal Dorsey, founder of I Spy Kids' Culture and Baltimore native, received an undergraduate degree in psychology from Morgan State University and a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. One of Crystal's greatest achievements has included being a published author in the Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect in 2014, before her senior year of undergrad.

Crystal has always had the natural gift as an artist. Growing up, at least one of her family members would buy her an art set for every birthday or Christmas. They would encourage her to keep drawing and often say "girl, you've got a gift". In fact, at the age of 9, she worked with her grandfather to submit an application for an art school. While their admissions committee was impressed by her talent at such a young age, they responded in informing her and her grandfather she was too young to be accepted.

While Crystal would share that her childhood had great memories, she also remembers many challenges as a child in areas like low self-esteem, anxiety, bullying, and depression. In facing these challenges, she developed a passion as an adult to find a way to go back and grab the hands of the generation behind her. She hopes to use I Spy Kids' Culture to encourage, support, and promote the emotional and social-well being of children. In 2019, she began to ponder the thoughts of writing  and illustrating children's books. In January of 2020, as Crystal quotes in the acknowledgements of her book, "God had the final say in this vision". In February 2021, she released her first books of I Spy Kids' Culture, "When Zeke Needs Justice" and "A Movement with The Royals". 

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